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When the button is down and looks like , the menu is pinned and always remains on the screen. If you click on it to change it to , the menu hides, and the menu button  appears on top left. We work with several of the world’s top brokers who are all highly regulated and used by us on a regular basis. If you decide to trade with them, or use one of them to trade alongside your existing broker, we can give you access to our trade room and everything else. The TradeRoom app allows you to connect to your trading account with your provider.

TradeRoom System Menu

The table in the For selected instruments mode always shows the instruments selected in the Trading Preferences. This allows you to see the quotes even for those instruments you do not have open positions for, and to open new positions. All the instruments available are shown by default. You can re-enable the instruments in the trading preferences. Some tables on the page have context menus linked to them.

A live trade room for all experience levels

He then started working shifts so was able to try this thing that everyone was talking about online called ‘day trading’. Day trading provided him with some quick hard trading lessons. He ran losses, cut winners, over-traded, under-traded, experienced fear and greed, over-leveraged and committed every other trading sin ever committed. When reading it he found a section on spreadbetting / CFDs. This led to him to open his first trading account in 2011 whilst working a full-time job.

If you’re looking for a feature which isn’t listed, please get in touch – it’s likely that we can provide it.

The social network will prompt you to confirm sharing your data with the TradeRoom application if this is the first time you are signing into TradeRoom with it. We use only your name and surname which are stored in your account data. We recommend that you specify your valid e-mail address right away, so that you can receive the notifications of the account events. Clicking on the table row calls a context menu from which you can convert the selected balance.


The context menu is opened by clicking on a table; it provides access to the operations which you can carry out with the selected table or data row. E.g., clicking on an open position calls the menu which allows executing a trade for the instrument, closing the position, or�refreshing the data in the table. A context menu will be displayed allowing you to select the required action. The checkbox in the last column heading is meant for a quick selection of all displayed orders or their unselection.Columns of the Orders table. The table in the For all instruments mode shows all instruments you can execute Forex trades for. This mode allows you to quickly view the quotes for the instruments you have disabled in your preferences.


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The filter allows viewing the active orders for the specified instrument. The current filter state which is either the selected instrument or All, is displayed in the table heading. Clicking on the filter state calls the context menu for the filter changing. The same menu allows you to reset the order sorting or to refresh the list.

  1. Event Log opens the Event Log report which monitors events on your account.
  2. Just click on the x bullet on the right of the balance, or select the Convert to USD context menu command to do that.
  3. This followed by going part-time at his job, to eventually leaving his job and becoming a full-time trader.
  4. There is never any ‘hindsight trading’ where we will tell you where you ‘should and could’ have got long or short.
  5. This took a lot of hard work, but a lot of that was wasted energy and effort.
  6. Profit / Loss opens the Profit / Loss report which monitors profit or loss resulting from a trade, within the selected period for any instrument.

Funds Transfer calls out the Transfer Order form to send an order to Forexite for funds transfer from your account. From this menu, you can select both the color scheme and the font size of the system. The menu can be called out with a click at the left edge of the window as well. A click on the arrow panel at the right edge of the menu or anywhere outside the menu hides it. The reality is very few people actually understand what it is.

Orders List opens the Orders List report which monitors all the orders on your account within the specified range of dates for one or all instruments and for a specified order status. The second reason is that this is the best way for you to learn how to trade. We teach you the theory, the strategies, the planning and the trading discipline you need to succeed. What then locks this in, so you can do the same, is us demonstrating the strategies, the planning and trading discipline live.

The order is activated after you fill in this form and press the Save button. For more information on the orders operations please see Forex and Conversion trading. Password opens the Password Change page to change your account password. Account name displays the account you are working with. For example, there will be an envelope icon when you have messages unread.

Most importantly we went through the process of becoming consistent, and the equally important process of remaining so. This took a lot of hard work, but a lot of that was wasted energy and effort. The typical response from an aspiring trader is to try out different strategies and systems. He tried out lots of different systems which failed. It wasn’t until he realised it was his trading psychology that was lacking.


Additionally, you can update it manually by pressing the Refresh button or by selecting the Refresh item of the context menu. You do not have to update each tab separately – all data in the tabs is updated simultaneously, with one click. To save the traffic you can disable the automatic updating in the system preferences. Swedbank offers its customers to conduct their everyday currency exchange and foreign exchange risk management transactions through an advanced electronic trading platform called Traderoom.

Action you can follow because all our forex and index trades are taken live and in advance. You will gain confidence when you see what we teach working. There is never any ‘hindsight trading’ where we will tell you where you ‘should and could’ have got long or short.

The Live Trade Room is a live webinar run via GoToWebinar. A new webinar is created each day, members can access the webinar via a link available in the Member Zone. GoToWebinar works on all desktop computers and mobile phones. There is also a Live Trade Room member chat window accessed via the Member Zone. This is so members can discuss the Live Trade Room trades with the professional session trader and the other members. Members also discuss their own trading ideas here.

To register a real trading account, you need to complete the standard TradeRoom registration procedure. You can get acquainted with the TradeRoom features just by signing in to the system with your Facebook, VK or Google account instead of registering an account in the TradeRoom system. In this case you will get a virtual (demo) account tied to your social network account. Since the full conversion is not for the currencies with zero balance, no x marker is displayed for them.